Gravity Conveyor Belt Stops

Conveyor stops are available as fixed, top or end mounted, hand operated, and dead plates.

Dead Plate Dead Plate

Dead plates are often used as a conveyor stop but can also be used as a work surface, serving two purposes and enabling more efficient workflow. Our Dead Plate Stops are available for mounting in either 2.5” frames or 3.5” frames. It is as simple as removing your existing rollers and bolting your dead plate in place. These Dead Plates are made of 12-gauge galvanized steel for years and years of use.

Fixed Fixed

Our fixed stops can be mounted at the top or end of your conveyor roller setup. End mounted stops will easily connect to your existing conveyor butt plates, while you may need to remove a roller and sometimes requires field drilling when implementing a Top mounted angle stop.

Hand Operated Hand Operated

Our most simple and convenient stops, this hand controlled roller stop can be placed anywhere in your roller conveyor setup. Need to raise or lower your roller stop? No problem – simply adjust with your hand. These units are available for both 2-1/2” and 3-1/2” channel frames.