Skate wheel Conveyor

Gravity skatewheel will convey lightweight loads that have firm flat bottoms such as cartons, totes, cases, etc. Skatewheel conveyor “rolls” more easily than roller conveyor allowing for lighter packages and less slope. The individual wheels in the curve sections allow packages to track more so than roller conveyor. Hook & rod couplers along with tripod supports make skatewheel conveyor ideal for temporary set-ups.

Skatewheel Curve Skatewheel Curve

Our curved gravity skatewheel sections are great for lightweight loads with conventionally flat bottoms, including many common shipping cartons, cases and totes. Skatewheel conveyors “roll” with less friction, requiring less slope from your conveyor. For a temporary conveyor set-up, combine with our hook & rod couplers and tripod supports for quick installation and tear down.

Skatewheel Spur Skatewheel Spur

When you need to divert product from one line to another, our skatewheel spurs are a great solution. These spurs are available in either 30 or 45 degrees. 90-degree spurs are a no problem with our selection of curved spurs. Make sure to specify left or right hand depending on your existing setup or future conveyor strategy.

Skatewheel Straight Skatewheel Straight

Our straight sections of gravity skatewheel conveyor offer the low friction and slope you’ve come to expect from a quality skatewheel conveyor. Like our curved Skatewheel sections, these conveyor products are great for lightweight loads in flat-bottomed packages.

Skatewheels Skatewheels

Our replacement skatewheels are available in a number of materials to suit your need. Choose from aluminum, black nylon or steel.