Conveyor Equipment for Industrial Automation

Automation systems are crucial for industrial businesses. One important element to an industrial automation system is the conveyor. Regardless of the application, industrial conveyor equipment helps increase productivity, reduce hazards, and improve workflow. Ashland Conveyor is a leading manufacturer of conveyor equipment that seamlessly integrates with your company’s existing automation system.

Ashland Conveyor has designed several different conveyors that meet the needs of your specific industrial business and automation needs. Our industrial conveyor equipment can handle light, medium, and heavy-duty loads as well as high-powered production.

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Popular Industrial Conveyor Solutions

Ashland Conveyor provides CDLR conveyor equipment for manufacturing businesses

CDLR Conveyors

For heavy industrial loads including pallets, drums, and containers, CDLR conveyor equipment is an economical solution to integrate with an existing automation system. CDLR conveyors give you the ability to customize and add “slave” units to fit the needs of your warehouse and space.
Power belt conveyors are designed to work with manufacturing companies

Telescoping Conveyors

STelescoping conveyor equipment has a variety of industrial applications and can extend up to 60’ and hold as much as 140 lbs. per linear foot. Choose from roller and skatewheel style telescoping conveyors that can be used for temporary and permanent automation systems.
Roller conveyors can work with light, medium, and heavy load manufacturing and distribution.

Straight and Curved Roller Conveyors

For the production of flat bottom industrial production including cartons, totes, cases, drums, pallets and more, our roller conveyors are a great addition to an existing automation system. Choose curved and straight conveyor sections to design a custom solution for your industrial business needs.