Conveyor Rails - Flow Rails

Flow rail are well suited for carton, tote, and pallet gravity flow. Flow rails are commonly floor or rack mounted. Ashland Conveyor offers a wide variety of flow rail products including plastic wheel, flanged wheel, steel wheel, steel roller, and ball transfer.

Ball Transfer Ball Transfer

Ball transfer flow rails enable product to be moved in-line and horizontal to conveyor flow. These are great for packaging and assembly stations and a lot more.

Flanged Wheel Flanged Wheel

Our flanged wheel flow rail is designed to maintain product flow and prevent your products from tracking off your flow rail. We offer a light plastic model as well as a medium duty steel roller for a variety of applications.

Plastic Wheel Plastic Wheel

When dealing with lightweight packages, our plastic wheel flow rail is the most affordable and practical solution.

Steel Wheel Steel Wheel

Our steel wheel flow rail is designed to handle high weight capacities and can be used for a variety of materials including skids, totes, and cartons.