Conveyor Supports

Ashland Conveyor offers a wide range of support options, including Hstand supports for light to heavy duty floor mounted solutions, tripods for light duty temporary set-ups, multitier supports for single supports with multilevel conveyor, ceiling hung supports, and low profile supports. Accessories include casters and kneebraces. Please note that Ashland brand supports may not fit properly with non-Ashland brand conveyors.

Casters Casters

Choose between 5” or 8” diameter casters available in both rigid or swivel style. These casters require a special type of mounting plate. These units will not mount to conventional floor mount HStands. We recommend kneebraces for caster mounted supports

Ceiling Hanger Ceiling Hanger

When floor supports are not an option, employ our line of ceiling hanger supports. Be sure to verify these supports are rated to safely convey any potential materials that will be handled by this type of conveyor support. We also recommend conveyor guards when employing any type of overhead hanger.

Heavy Duty Hstand H50 Heavy Duty Hstand H50

Our H50 HStand can support up to 5,000 pounds and is the perfect counterpart to our 4” channel frames. These heavy-duty stands are not compatible with any other size frame. This is a permanent installation that requires floor mounting.

Kneebraces Kneebraces

When additional rigidity is needed, utilize our line of kneebraces. Our kneebraces work great with castered supports and should be used in conjunction with the KB16H50. These braces are sold in pairs, include all necessary hardware and brackets, but may require field drilling.

Light Duty Hstand H15 Light Duty Hstand H15

For light duty applications, employ our H15 model support - capable of supprting up to 1,500 pound load capacity. These HStands are designed for 2-1/2” or 3-1/2” frames and are not compatible with our 4” frames.

Low Profile Low Profile

Sold in pairs, our low profile supports are designed specifically for low profile conveyor setups from 5/8” to 6” from the floor.

Medium Duty Castered Hstand 3BH30 Medium Duty Castered Hstand 3BH30

With up to 1,800 pound capacity, our medium duty HStand 3BH30 are only for use with our 3-1/2" and 2-1/2" frames. This is a permanent install and is not suitable for temporary applications. The 3BH30 is available individually and with casters if needed.

Medium Duty Castered Hstand 4BH30 Medium Duty Castered Hstand 4BH30

Boasting an 3,000 pound capacity, our 4BH30 HStand is designed for use with our 4” channel frames. These units are not compatible with our 2-1/2" or 3-1/2” channel frames and arrive unassembled.

Medium Duty Hstand 3BH30 Medium Duty Hstand 3BH30

This medium duty Hstand supports up to 3,000 pound capacity and is designed for use with our 2-1/2” or 3-1/2” channel frames. This unit is not compatible with our 4” channel frames. Assembly is required.

Medium Duty Hstand 4BH30 Medium Duty Hstand 4BH30

For moderate duty loads up to 3,000 pounds, our 4BH30 model support is designed for use with our 4” channel frames. This HStand is designed for permanent installation. For curved conveyor applications, single legs are available. Casters are also available with the 4BH30 Hstand.

Multitier Multitier

When you need to support multi-level conveyors with a single support, our multitier support is the perfect answer. These supports are designed for use with both gravity skatewheel and roller conveyor. We include kneebraces with your multitier support to provide an extra stable conveyor system. Assembly is required with our multitier supports.

Tripods Tripods

Our tripod supports are an ideal solution for temporary conveyor set-ups. These adjustable height tripod stands are designed for use with skatewheel conveyors or light duty roller conveyors.