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Product Model Information

The Model CDLR16F chain driven live roller conveyor is constructed of an 8 ga steel channel frame and 2-1/2"x11 ga steel rollers on 5" centers. Each roller is positively driven. Each drive is powered by a 1 HP motor and operates at 30 FPM. Non-drive slave units can be added to provide a desired overall length. Capacity is affected by the total length of the system. Generally a drive will support slaves up to a total length of 50' with a maximum live load of 7,000 Lbs. At 30' the maximum live load is 15,000 Lbs. The per foot maximum live load is 800 Lbs. using supports on 5' centers. The drive must be positioned near the center of the run, otherwise capacity will be reduced.

Refer to the CDLR (Chain Driven Live Rollers) Selection Guide for help.

CDLR16F10S0551EW Construction

  • Type: Slave Unit
  • Overall Length (ft): 10
  • Effective Width (in): 51
  • Between Frame (in): 55
  • Motor: 1 HP-240/480 VAC-3ɸ-ID
  • Weight (lbs): 720

CDLR16F Configurations

  • Type: Drive & Slave
  • Overall Length (ft): 5, 10
  • Effective Width (in): 27, 51
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