Model 4F__KA Roller Conveyor Product Information

Our 4F__KA roller model of gravity roller conveyors transport products or work in process from one work area to another. They are just one of the various models of roller conveyors we have available at Ashland. Our model 4F__KA roller and infact all of our roller conveyor options are valuable when designing a material handling solution.

4F__KA Roller Conveyor Construction:

Roller: Model KA
Tube: 1.9"x16ga aluminum
Roller Bearing: Commercial Light Oil
Axle: 7/16" Hex Plain Steel
Axle retention: Spring
Frame: 4F: 3-1/2" x 1-3/8" x 11 ga. aluminum channel
Coupling: Butt plate
Roller Capacity (lbs): 130 to 270
Frame Capacity (lbs/ft): 45 on 10' support centers, 420 on 5' centers

4F__KA Roller Conveyor Configuration:

Roller Centers (in): 3, 4.5, 6
Between Frame (in): 7 to 51
Straights (ft): 5, 10
Curves (deg): 45, 90
Sleeve: none

Model 4F__KA Roller Conveyor Product Information

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